State Team Event Rules and Guidelines

  1. This is a Paid-Out event.
  2. Each Association/League, in good standing with TDO, will be allowed to enter teams based upon following criteria effective 6/24/2018
    • 150 active league play members or less may send 1 All Men and 1 All Women team to this event
    • 151-300 active league play members may send 2 All Men and 2 All Women teams to this event
    • 301 or more active league play members may send 3 All Men and 3 All Women teams to this event
    • Effective 1/1/2019, Each league MUST sponsor or co-sponsor at least one TDO sanctioned tournament to be eligible to send a team to the Team Tour Championship
  3. The number of teams allowed does not include the returning championship team for either men or women as long as the returning team has at least 3 returning team members from championship team and all members still meet TDO eligibility requirements. These teams are welcomed back to defend their championship if they so choose to do so.
  4. Each team may have a maximum of 5 players.
  5. Each team player must be in good standing as a TDO member from the active association/league and have participated in at least 10 weeks of league play between January 1 and December 31 of the previous calendar year prior to State Team Event.
  6.  Rosters should be submitted by the designated deadline set by the TDO council.
  7. Changes at the event will only be allowed at the very start of the event  but once event begins no roster changes are permitted.
  8. There is a time limit for each game played.Once time expires and 801 game is still in play you may finish the order of players who have not thrown that round. Example: Time has expired and Player 2 has just thrown, players 3 and 4 of each team may throw to complete round.
  9. No winner declared by time expiration, the team leading by lowest 801 score will win point. If both teams shooting for same out no point is awarded.
  10. All 01 games played on odd numbered boards and cricket on even numbered boards.

Thank you,

TDO Council